Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh Start!

I feel like I have made a fresh start for a few weeks but it is always good to start fresh after the holidays. And what better day  1/1/11. 

I heard not to make resolutions that they are broken. I have heard all sorts of conflicting things. One thing I know is life is a journey and I want to live it and enjoy it and learn from it and help others along the way. Yesterday I wrote about the climb which is a journey but that ever goes upwards. Sometimes you fall down a little and sometimes you stop for a rest, but you keep going forward. I think of my running sometimes as a journey or a climb. I call my blog my journey to health. But really it is my life that is a journey. My health is one part of the journey, my family, my career, my love life, my spiritual life, my friends are all other parts of my journey. I want to be a well rounded person that is mature in all areas of my life. I want to grow in all parts and not just in one part or two parts.

I am not sure if I am even making sense. To sum it up, my weight is one part of ME. I don't think it is the most important part. It is a very important part though because to become mature in all parts of my life I need to be healthy. That is the reason why I want to be healthy so all parts of my life can grow and mature.

Since most of that is just ramblings; here is an update.  Today I weighed 240.4 even after going to Outback for dinner last night. I am almost there again. I want to be under 240 again. Two days these past few weeks I have made it.  Today I went for a 3.1 mile run. My last two runs have been slower than normal. A good friend told me that I should just enjoy running and not to be so worried about my time. That is true. I am running to get healthier not to beat a time. I do wish to get faster but if I never do I still want to run! Here are some running pictures of me and my dog today.

Yesterday before the run

today - me before the run, the road on my run, Brady on the run

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  1. Are those some of your Christmas present running clothes? Love them!