Monday, April 4, 2011

The After - After my Work Trip to Florida

Wow what a trip!  It was a stormy day when we left and of course the plane was bumpy and rocky which I hate. I ended up meeting some of the clients going to the meeting at the airport and tagging along with their group on the way there.  I met my boss at the airport and we had a rental car to the hotel and had another client tag along.  When we arrived at the hotel - oh my!! - what a beautiful place and location.  They took me up to the suite since my name was on the meeting contract.  Two bathrooms, sitting room, bedroom, two balconies overlooking ocean. Amazing!! and the not so amazing the mini bar was free - all free. What?  Did I hear that right?  Don't tell me that - the high prices were one reason I never dove into the mini bar.  I will be strong!

I unpacked and looked out over the ocean while making a few calls. Then the important stuff - setting up work laptop and finding the reception room and the meeting rooms and making sure our boxes of materials arrived.  That took an hour or two.  I then headed to the reception around 5:45.  This is a hall I had to walk through.
More beautiful in person!  The reception was on a patio overlooking the ocean.  Didn't take a picture - darn it. The rain let up in enough time to have the reception outdoors so that was nice. We had a tent ceiling and some heaters just in case but we could still see the ocean.  Nice night - clients did not want to leave the reception. Having too good a time.  After my boss and I went and set up the materials for the meeting.  Back to the room to make sure I was ready for my presentations the next day.
Up early and headed to meeting room.
We had about 30 people attend.  I did not get to see the morning sunrise or the beach because it was so cloudy. Supposed to be a bad weather day but we were stuck in this room most of the day. Lunch was supposed to be outside but had to bring it inside but it was still nice. Meeting went well and so we broke about 4:30. Time to hit the beach with some clients - met more out there.
Still kind of overcast but we were all excited to just be able to get out there. We had dinner at an amazing restaurant Ragtime.  Delicious.  then headed back to my room to watch Grey's Anatomy, read a little, call the hubby, and just relax.  Did get a knock on my door around 10 but we won't discuss that here. Needless to say I ended up in bed by 11 - not too bad.
Last morning and guess what it is beautiful.

I did get to see the sunrise this morning from my balcony. I saw some ladies doing yoga to the sun. :) It was very nice.  We finished the meeting and had a few minutes before driving back to the airport.
One last picture to show the beautiful weather that finally arrived that we missed since we had to leave. :(  Trip home was uneventful but seemed like it took forever to finally get home. A few other interesting stories that I might add tomorrow - have to run but it was nice.

Oh yeah - I didn't tell you - I ate from the mini bar way too much - too easy and free and I was stressed and working. Then client dinner - way too good and hamburger and fries at the airport. And no exercise.  I got on the scale that night when I got home - not too bad.  Next morning - I had lost a pound when I was gone. What???  But I had been up a few pounds before I left but still I was satisfied especially after what I ate.

Okay that was my work trip!  And the best news yet  NO SEATBELT EXTENDER NEEDED!!!  and I wore clothes in 3 sizes smaller than I was.  YAY!!