Sunday, January 2, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

We had a good day, pretty much relaxing. Weigh in this morning was 240.0 it was at 8:15 so I am thinking that tomorrow at 5:45 it will be hard to maintain that loss. I will be ecstatic if I am at 240.0 tomorrow morning - we will see.
Breakfast - coffee, oatmeal with oil and fat free milk and some walnuts
Lunch - leftover chicken kung pao, orange
Dinner - homemade pizza with wheat pizza crust, fat free moz cheese mixed with 2% cheese, and ground beef with onions and green pepper
Snack - some nuts and grapes

My husband did set up a workout room in our basement for us. My elliptical is in there, a workout bench, and his spinner for his bicycle. We bought a new TV for the room so we can watch TV or DVDs when we work out. Hope this will help me with 100 day challenge!

Day 1 - running an hour
Day 2 - walking and housework

Organized my work week and scheduled my workouts (running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) (jazzercise Monday and Wednesday).  Ready for tomorrow - first week of 2011!!

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