Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Tuesday of 2011

Do you see a theme? Or am I just too tired to think. I just got home and it is 10:15. I am usually asleep by 10:15.  I for some reason felt compelled to post. So here it goes.

I ran 2.25 miles this morning. I took it easy because my hip (or where my torso meets my right leg) hurts sometimes. Also I didn't want to be too late for work. What I do is still get up at 5:45am, then work for awhile, and then run, then shower, then eat breakfast and check work emails and then go into work. I made it by 9:30 - wanted to make it by 9. Oh well.  I weighed 240.0 first thing this morning. Then I had 2 cups of coffee before my run, some water, then some nuts. Then before my shower, after the run, I weighed again and I weighed 239.6 but that doesn't count. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be under 240 once again.

I forgot to mention Day 4 of 100 day challenge is done!!!

coffee and some nuts
Run 2.25
Oatmeal w/ 2 tsp of oil and 3/4 cup fat free milk

I took my two sons out to Sushi place - I had chicken teriyaki, fried rice, and vegetables with a salad before. YUM but hmmm the calories

Last time but I broke down and went to Starbucks again for their tall skinny hazelnut latte (it is a milk serving)

Subway Turkey 6" with lots of vegetables and pepper jack cheese and honey mustard on wheat bread
Fat free chips

And at small group tonight I passed up some bakery chocolate cake that all of the other people were eating but me and my husband. It gets easier I guess - it wasn't that bad passing it up.

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