Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow I love the YMCA. I love being able to go no matter the weather and run on the treadmill. I like that on the treadmill I can set the pace and I have to run at that pace. When I run on my own I can go slower and nothing is there to push me. I am not good at knowing my pace.  But I think the treadmill will help me run outside better. I do love outside running though - I don't want to give that up.  I like the weight machines - I just need to know how to use them better.  It takes time. I haven't tried swimming yet - a little embarrassed still.
I see the doctor tomorrow for a followup on my blood work, but they called me with the results and I did lots better. 173 cholesterol (down from 202 3 months ago) 111 LDL and 43 HDL (total cholesterol should be under 200 - LDL under 130 and HDL over 46 for women so a little shy there)
94 triglycerides (not sure what it was 3 months ago) -(triglycerides should be under 150).
I was up this morning on the scale - not sure if it was the second helping of homemade pizza last night or too many nuts or roasted chickpeas.  Whatever I am watching carefully today. When you weigh every day you can't freak out if the scale is up one day. You just need to watch it the next day.
I did go at lunchtime to the YMCA today and ran for 55 minutes on the treadmill. Felt great!

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  1. Great numbers, Donna! I too have had trouble getting my HDL up.