Saturday, March 26, 2011

I RAN 10 miles today!! Final and 3rd leg of the Triple Crown of Running

I did it! I ran/walked 10 miles .really 10.2 plus another mile from where you picked up your number to the start line. Lots of hills through a park but it was beautiful. No rain but a little cold but weather was acceptable. I did it in 2 hr 37 min so under 16mm - 15:47 my Garmin said. I was happy to come in under 16mm after all the walking I did. I ran the first 4 miles and then walked up the hills and ran down the hills and then once I got out of the park I walked most of the way back to the stadium. I did have a slice of free pizza since Papa John's sponsored the run.  We finished in the Papa John's Cardinal stadium where University of Lousiville Football is played.

After thoughts - glad I did it but think I would have rather waited until I could run it all. Next year I want to do the Triple Crown again and beat my old times. Hopefully I will be down in weight and have more training so I can even do the half marathon next year. I am not going to do it this year.

Eventually I want to do a triathlon (the small ones) so I need to start swimming and biking more regularly.  I am also going to use weight machines so I can get stronger which will help me do all of this better and help me fit in smaller clothes. :) 

My weight hasn't changed much the last few weeks and I have a work trip next week so I hope to get back being a loser soon.

See you next week for a work trip update and to see if I can manage without a seatbelt extender - I am almost certain I can.  Then how I did with eating and working out when I am gone. Not counting on working out but hope I can control my eating when I am there and there is food just laying around all day long - free for the taking - not in WW pointplus or calories though.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

10K Race Recap - 2nd Leg of Triple Crown of Running

To be short and sweet - I did it! I ran the whole way and beat my first and only other 10K by 11 minutes. So I was happy.  1 hr 32 min 37 sec (14.37 mm pace). I didn't think I would be able to keep that pace for the entire 6 miles.  My 5K two weeks ago my pace was 14.12 but I could tell I was a little bit slower this race.

Now for the race recap.
It was a warmer day than the 5k - 40s - a little chilly when we got there but during the race it was great. Nice sunny day with a little breeze but it didn't bother us while running.
No problems getting there, parked, getting our bibs, making a portapotty run, and waiting at the start line. Marty and I saw another couple we knew (he used to work with the guy and the woman and I still work at the same company though not together). That made the time waiting go faster. Then when lining up I saw a girl I work next too and her boyfriend.

I didn't start off as fast as I did on the 5K but here are my splits (I tried to press lap on my garmin every mile so I could see how I did).
Overall  6.33 miles 1 hr 32 min 37 sec   14.37mm  4.1 mph
Mile 1   13.28 mm   4.5 mph
Mile 2   15 mm        4.0 mph
Mile 3   14.57 mm   4.0 mph
Mile 4   14.43 mm    4.1 mph
Mile 5   14.55 mm    4.0 mph
Mile 6 plus the 0.2    14.42 mm   4.3 mph
My first mile was fastest and then my last mile which is good that I still had some in me that last mile.  I sure didn't feel like it though. I felt like I couldn't run anymore.   Marty met me at finish line and had a cup of water for me. I stopped running and that was a mistake - I should have walked because my body kept moving forward and I almost fell LOL  wasn't that bad - just funny feeling.  Then I walked to the car and felt better.  I was sore yesterday afternoon but that was to be expected.

Feeling good today. not sure about the last leg of the Triple Crown which is in two weeks and is 10 miles. I have never ran more than 6.2 miles even at the gym so I better get moving these next two weeks. it is a hilly course too I heard :(  so I will probably do alot of walking and won't think too much of my time. But just know I will be out there for more than 2 hours and 30 minutes for sure.  If I could come in under 16 mm I would be very very happy but I am fine with under 17 mm.  We shall see. 

After that race I am going to just walk/run for pleasure and weight loss and will try to do a mini when I lose more weight and can get faster.

But I feel great that I did it!! It is a great feeling.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday March 6th

One week after my 5K and one week from my 10K.  I am getting kind of tired. I still love running but trying to push for my mileage when I run so slow is hard.  I ran 6.2 miles yesterday in 97 minutes. I had to walk some of it - less than half of it - altogether maybe a mile or two.   My back and hip start hurting after running more than 5 miles so I think that might be my cut off and then I walk.

I am loving the swimming and my last swimming lesson is today. And I can freestyle now - swim with my head in the water and breathing correctly. So the lessons were worth it. AFter swimming my body feels real relaxed; I love the water.  I need to get back to the weight machines; haven't had much time to concentrate on those.

The scale is finally back down after a 2 week up and a little down and then up again period. I am heading to the 220s - nothing is going to stop me this time. I want 50 pounds to be gone by the time I go to my client meeting on March 30th in Florida.   Since we are talking about work....   I have been busy but I call it a "good busy".  I love what I am doing and it is different opportunities for me. I am so glad I stuck it out with my company when they laid me off. I was on the transition team for awhile and then took over for someone on maternity leave and 18 months later they knew they couldn't live without me. LOL  I was offered a job in a slightly different area which is alot more exciting for me - working with clients and strategy and design.  I am very happy. And I am not gloating or anything but the manager that made the decision to let me go has been laid off. I guess she wasn't making good decisions.  Just kidding that wasn't it - I don't think it was at least.

Looking forward to a week of running and lots of work. Also last week of Bible study with a table of wonderful ladies. Hope we stay in contact.  See you next week!