Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday January 8th

I can't say First Saturday of 2011 - the second week of 2011 has begun.

Today started off with my dear husband driving me to Weight Watchers so I wouldn't have to drive in the ice.  I lost 4 pounds and earned my next 5 lb star which means 40.4 pounds down. Then we went to Walmart and restocked with healthy foods. It seems so funny to only have fruits and vegetables, meats, some dairy. The middle aisles we just got peanut butter, brown and whole grain rice and pasta, and bagelthins. 
Then we went home and I caught up on my internet surfing. :) then my husband and I decided to go and check out the YMCA. It is free to sign up until 1/19. It is $56 a month for both of us and there is two YMCAs we can go to. There is swimming pools, exercise classes, treadmills - ellipticals - bikes, weight machines, running track at one of the Ys and more!  I was paying $38 a month for jazzercise so I am cancelling that and just doing the Y. Today we took a tour and then we used the treadmills to see how they were.  It took us a couple minutes to get used to them, but then we were fine. We are both psyched about joining. Tomorrow I signed up for a complimentary health coach showing me around the weigh machines and making me a plan. My husband will try the lap pool since that is what he really wanted to join the Y for. I want to do laps too but I am a little apprehensive of being in my bathing suit in front of others. But I will probably bite the bullet and do it.
After we went to church and out to dinner with our friends. So I am tired tonight, time to sign off.

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