Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well it has been awhile....

It has been over a week since I posted. I had a whole post and I accidentally deleted it so I am starting over. I have been loving to work out at the YMCA.  This weekend I started with a sore throat Saturday night.  Sunday I had my second appointment with the YMCA employee. She was showing me more machines to add to my routine. Then I ran for a mile before our first swimming lesson. Yes, my husband and I were taking semi private swimming lessons. He wanted to improve his form and I wanted to learn to exhale in the water. 

We ended up having two instructors so kind of like private lessons. I did learn to exhale in the water. I never put my face in the water so swimming laps wasn't too efficient and my back hurt after a few laps holding my  head out of the water. So it was a success that I did learn to blow bubbles in the water. LOL 

On the way home we started talking about doing things we aren't good at YET or things we don't feel comfortable with. Sometimes you just want to give up or just stay in your comfort zone. One thing I am learning on my journey is it is okay to step out of my comfort zone and sometimes fail or not do so good or feel like a fool. I am living and growing - it is better than sitting on the sidelines watching all the time. I am getting in there and trying new things. Some I like and some I don't. But at least I know because I tried. Just like when I said I didn't like okra and had never tried it but when I finally tried it, I loved okra. Or when I said I don't like brussels sprouts and I tried it and I don't like it. But at least I know because I tried and not because I am afraid to try.

Have a great day and get out there and try something. Don't be afraid or embarrassed - just do it!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have been going to the YMCA this week.  I love it. I have ran on the treadmill and did the weigh machines. My husband has been swimming there so I tried it today. He came with me to give me confidence and it worked. If he wouldn't have come with me I probably wouldn't have done it. Now I think I will even go swimming by myself. It is good for days that I can't run. Today I swam 500 yards and then I ran/walked for 30 minutes. Tomorrow might be a day off.  We did call to get semi-private swimming lessons since both of us need better techniques. I am afraid to put my face in the water. LOL

Today we had our typical oatmeal for breakfast but then had some english muffin pizzas for lunch. Very good I put fat free mozzarella, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, red pepper and onions on mine. Delicious. then for dinner we had something my friend calls crackslaw.  I used brocolli slaw (you can use regular coleslaw mix) and stirfried it in sesame oil and olive oil and added some onions and peas. Then I added chicken and soy sauce. It was very good with some jasmine rice.

It was so nice to have the day off today. Back to work tomorrow and we have a visitor from Canada so we are scheduled for lunch out tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. Also scheduled for dinner out Wednesday night.  I am worried since I always do bad when I eat out. I usually get fish and vegetables. For lunch we might go to Mexican so it might be chicken tacos and try not to eat the shells. Any ideas? I have ordered fajitas before and love them!! But I seem to eat too much or something and so fajjitas are not good for me.  Any other ideas?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow I love the YMCA. I love being able to go no matter the weather and run on the treadmill. I like that on the treadmill I can set the pace and I have to run at that pace. When I run on my own I can go slower and nothing is there to push me. I am not good at knowing my pace.  But I think the treadmill will help me run outside better. I do love outside running though - I don't want to give that up.  I like the weight machines - I just need to know how to use them better.  It takes time. I haven't tried swimming yet - a little embarrassed still.
I see the doctor tomorrow for a followup on my blood work, but they called me with the results and I did lots better. 173 cholesterol (down from 202 3 months ago) 111 LDL and 43 HDL (total cholesterol should be under 200 - LDL under 130 and HDL over 46 for women so a little shy there)
94 triglycerides (not sure what it was 3 months ago) -(triglycerides should be under 150).
I was up this morning on the scale - not sure if it was the second helping of homemade pizza last night or too many nuts or roasted chickpeas.  Whatever I am watching carefully today. When you weigh every day you can't freak out if the scale is up one day. You just need to watch it the next day.
I did go at lunchtime to the YMCA today and ran for 55 minutes on the treadmill. Felt great!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday January 8th

I can't say First Saturday of 2011 - the second week of 2011 has begun.

Today started off with my dear husband driving me to Weight Watchers so I wouldn't have to drive in the ice.  I lost 4 pounds and earned my next 5 lb star which means 40.4 pounds down. Then we went to Walmart and restocked with healthy foods. It seems so funny to only have fruits and vegetables, meats, some dairy. The middle aisles we just got peanut butter, brown and whole grain rice and pasta, and bagelthins. 
Then we went home and I caught up on my internet surfing. :) then my husband and I decided to go and check out the YMCA. It is free to sign up until 1/19. It is $56 a month for both of us and there is two YMCAs we can go to. There is swimming pools, exercise classes, treadmills - ellipticals - bikes, weight machines, running track at one of the Ys and more!  I was paying $38 a month for jazzercise so I am cancelling that and just doing the Y. Today we took a tour and then we used the treadmills to see how they were.  It took us a couple minutes to get used to them, but then we were fine. We are both psyched about joining. Tomorrow I signed up for a complimentary health coach showing me around the weigh machines and making me a plan. My husband will try the lap pool since that is what he really wanted to join the Y for. I want to do laps too but I am a little apprehensive of being in my bathing suit in front of others. But I will probably bite the bullet and do it.
After we went to church and out to dinner with our friends. So I am tired tonight, time to sign off.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I keep forgetting to say that I did Day 5 of the 100 Day Challenge yesterday. 50 min jazzercise.

This morning I did 30 min elliptical because that is all I could fit in my day. So Day 6 is down.
Scale 0.2 down - but I had popcorn late last night  239.0

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Wednesday of 2011...

Only a few more days and I will have to think of new titles. :)

Today I slept in a little and worked from home. I weighed in - a new low  239.2!!  Around 7:45 I decided to go to Jazzercise Lite at 8:15.  It was a great start to the day. 

oatmeal, 2 tsp of oil, 3/4 c of fat free milk

bagelthin with chicken and lf cheese grilled with spray butter - then added yellow peppers, red onion, and spinach leaves,   leftover butternut squash

wheat crackers and ww spreadable cheese wedge
grapes throughout the day

chicken, basamati rice, stirfried squash/zucchini

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Tuesday of 2011

Do you see a theme? Or am I just too tired to think. I just got home and it is 10:15. I am usually asleep by 10:15.  I for some reason felt compelled to post. So here it goes.

I ran 2.25 miles this morning. I took it easy because my hip (or where my torso meets my right leg) hurts sometimes. Also I didn't want to be too late for work. What I do is still get up at 5:45am, then work for awhile, and then run, then shower, then eat breakfast and check work emails and then go into work. I made it by 9:30 - wanted to make it by 9. Oh well.  I weighed 240.0 first thing this morning. Then I had 2 cups of coffee before my run, some water, then some nuts. Then before my shower, after the run, I weighed again and I weighed 239.6 but that doesn't count. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be under 240 once again.

I forgot to mention Day 4 of 100 day challenge is done!!!

coffee and some nuts
Run 2.25
Oatmeal w/ 2 tsp of oil and 3/4 cup fat free milk

I took my two sons out to Sushi place - I had chicken teriyaki, fried rice, and vegetables with a salad before. YUM but hmmm the calories

Last time but I broke down and went to Starbucks again for their tall skinny hazelnut latte (it is a milk serving)

Subway Turkey 6" with lots of vegetables and pepper jack cheese and honey mustard on wheat bread
Fat free chips

And at small group tonight I passed up some bakery chocolate cake that all of the other people were eating but me and my husband. It gets easier I guess - it wasn't that bad passing it up.

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday of 2011

Well I woke up at 5:45 this morning and weighed 240.4 which isn't bad considering it is 2 1/2 hours earlier than the day before so I am not counting it as a gain. :)

I packed my breakfast and lunch. I packed my bag for jazzercise. I was ready for work. I arrived at work pretty early for me. I had a good day at work. I ate my breakfast and lunch. Then in the afternoon, I went and had a Starbucks lite latte tall. It helped me get through the rest of the day.  I left at 4:30 so I could get to jazzercise. I worked  hard. I came home and my wonderful husband had a great dinner waiting. It was a good first Monday of the year!

Breakfast - coffee when I first got up and when I got to work oatmeal with my usual 2 tsp of oil (to complete my  Weight Watchers requirements) and 1 cup of fat free milk (to also complete my Weight Watchers requirements) with some cinnamon and splenda
Lunch - grapes, bagelthin with chicken (cooked in the crockpot), low fat pepper jack cheese and spinach leaves, green pepper strips, and onion.
Snack - Starbucks skinny latte tall
Dinner - pork roast, whole grain rice, butternut squash, and one of those trays of cauliflower and cheese (YUMMY)

It was a good day!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

We had a good day, pretty much relaxing. Weigh in this morning was 240.0 it was at 8:15 so I am thinking that tomorrow at 5:45 it will be hard to maintain that loss. I will be ecstatic if I am at 240.0 tomorrow morning - we will see.
Breakfast - coffee, oatmeal with oil and fat free milk and some walnuts
Lunch - leftover chicken kung pao, orange
Dinner - homemade pizza with wheat pizza crust, fat free moz cheese mixed with 2% cheese, and ground beef with onions and green pepper
Snack - some nuts and grapes

My husband did set up a workout room in our basement for us. My elliptical is in there, a workout bench, and his spinner for his bicycle. We bought a new TV for the room so we can watch TV or DVDs when we work out. Hope this will help me with 100 day challenge!

Day 1 - running an hour
Day 2 - walking and housework

Organized my work week and scheduled my workouts (running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) (jazzercise Monday and Wednesday).  Ready for tomorrow - first week of 2011!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh Start!

I feel like I have made a fresh start for a few weeks but it is always good to start fresh after the holidays. And what better day  1/1/11. 

I heard not to make resolutions that they are broken. I have heard all sorts of conflicting things. One thing I know is life is a journey and I want to live it and enjoy it and learn from it and help others along the way. Yesterday I wrote about the climb which is a journey but that ever goes upwards. Sometimes you fall down a little and sometimes you stop for a rest, but you keep going forward. I think of my running sometimes as a journey or a climb. I call my blog my journey to health. But really it is my life that is a journey. My health is one part of the journey, my family, my career, my love life, my spiritual life, my friends are all other parts of my journey. I want to be a well rounded person that is mature in all areas of my life. I want to grow in all parts and not just in one part or two parts.

I am not sure if I am even making sense. To sum it up, my weight is one part of ME. I don't think it is the most important part. It is a very important part though because to become mature in all parts of my life I need to be healthy. That is the reason why I want to be healthy so all parts of my life can grow and mature.

Since most of that is just ramblings; here is an update.  Today I weighed 240.4 even after going to Outback for dinner last night. I am almost there again. I want to be under 240 again. Two days these past few weeks I have made it.  Today I went for a 3.1 mile run. My last two runs have been slower than normal. A good friend told me that I should just enjoy running and not to be so worried about my time. That is true. I am running to get healthier not to beat a time. I do wish to get faster but if I never do I still want to run! Here are some running pictures of me and my dog today.

Yesterday before the run

today - me before the run, the road on my run, Brady on the run