Monday, October 18, 2010

Training for a 10K

I finished Couch to 5K (C25K) of September 2009 and ran a 5K last October. When I say "run" I am taking liberties with the word since it was 16 minutes per mile but it was running for me. I was around 255 pounds at the time.  Then over the winter it was cold and dark outside - the dark bothered me more than the cold - I really slacked on my running.
So in Spring 2010 found me once again doing Couch to 5K and it worked - I was running again but I stayed at about 30-40 minutes which wasn't quite 3 miles for me. So after I finished my MBA at the end of July I felt motivated for a new goal. Hence I was on a high and signed up for and announced to the world I was doing a 10K on Halloween of 2010 in Chicago where I had done my 5K. I had a group of friends that ran with me last time that signed up too. It was going to be a party weekend.
 I ran 3 or 4 times a week. 3-4 miles during the week and a longer run on the weekends. I bumped it up a half mile every weekend and lo and behold by mid September I ran 6 miles one Sunday.  The weekend I did 4.5 miles I thought I was going to collapse but the 5, 5.5, and 6 mile weekends were great!  Then I ran a 3.1 mile on my birthday and thought I have this - I ran a PR personal record for me that day.
Then .... hip problems. My hip started hurting so I laid off running and tried to rest it. It felt better, but my training was off now. So I gradually built up and 5 weeks later I did another 6 mile this past Sunday. I had to walk some of it and I had to push myself to finish but I did it.
Now in 2 weeks I will have to make the decision to do the 5K or 10K at the race. I am leaning towards doing the 10K since I hate to back down on my goals. But I am trying to listen to my body and the past 5 weeks I had the hip problem and shingles. Very painful. But I can do it! I know I will be the last person. I looked at last year's time and the slowest was 1 hour 30 minutes and I am coming in at 1 hour 43 minutes or so.
I am afraid of getting lost on the run more than afraid of being last. I am tired of being afraid - I am going to go for it! I have nothing to lose but my pride. I have a iphone and no how to use it if I get lost. Call my husband to come and find me.

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