Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not much progress, but it is a journey right?

Yesterday I don't think I sat still and meditated for even 5 minutes. I am going to keep practicing.

I ate fast food twice yesterday: Arby's roast beef and junior jamocha shake for lunch and a tuna sandwich at Jimmy John's for dinner. My excuse was I was in a hurry, but I can't keep using that excuse. I even packe a lunch for work, but went out. I wanted some fresh air with my coworkers. Do you want more excuses? I can think of a hundred. I need to start posting my menus here so I can be accountable.

I started the day off by running 3 miles which is my last run before my 10K on Sunday and had my favorite lite chocolate soy milk and a Luna bar for breakfast. My friends have been so supportive to me in my running journey. I am running farther but as slow as ever. I think the easiest way to get faster is to lose this extra 100 pounds that is hanging on me. Motivation!  One of my dearest friends offered to run the 10K with me (even though it is much slower than she usually does it) so I won't feel alone. Wow! I was so touched. She also ran my first 5K with me last year. It helped to have someone to talk to me (while I am panting) and it keeps my mind off how long I have to go. I know I can run 6.2 miles - I did it 3 times now but it is just knowing people will be there watching me cross the finish line last. But hey someone has to be last!

Remember to smile and savor each second today! Do a good deed for someone and see how good it makes you feel.


  1. I am so incredibly proud of you and all you have accomplished! There are so many people out there with weight to lose who aren't even walking, let alone running! You are such an inspiration!!

    Have an amazing time on Sunday and give all of our mutual friends a big hug for me. :)

  2. Looking forward to sharing the moment with you!