Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can I say no?

Yesterday I went to my Weight Watchers Meeting and lost 2 pounds! I was happy, but disappointed that I didn't lose more. The week before I had finally bit the bullet and went back to my meetings after about a month off and I had gained 3.4 pounds. So I am still up. I heard these men/women talking about their journeys and they seemed so excited and happy about saying no to eating out or no to ordering whatever they felt like off the menu or no to doughnuts.

Why can't I be like that? Is the novelty gone? I need to start again. My husband is trying to eat healthier so it should be easier for me to cook for us both now. I made a homemade minestrone soup yesterday that was to die for. I enjoy cooking on weekends, but after work on weekdays I just want easy, quick, and soothing.

But then last night while my sons were visiting, like a 'good' mother I made them chocolate chip walnut cookies.  I didn't have one. BUT I had enough dough for at least three cookies. UGH!  So this morning I am trying again to make better choices. To learn from others at the meetings and from my husband who can say no to sweets and snacks and the restaurant menu, because I can't.  I am going to learn how though.

On other news, heading out soon for my long run. I am going to try 6.2 miles. One week from today is my first 10K. I have ran 6 mile twice before so today will be my third time. I probably will have to walk some. I am coming in around 1 hour 40 minutes. SLOW I know, but you have to start somewhere. And I challenge those runners who come in at 60 minutes to try carrying around an extra 100 pounds. I might be beating them. 

Have a good Sunday! Smile and savor each minute!


  1. I can NOT say no to cookie dough. EVER. I've tried for years. And... I can eat chocolate chip cookies (with nuts no less!!) fresh, hot, frozen, raw, name it. I remember as a kid sneaking down to the freezer during my Mom's daily afternoon naps and inhaling 6 or more large cookies.
    Nope nope nope! Can't do it even today! (((HUGS)))

  2. I did it! I ran 6.2 miles today. It took me 1 hour 42 minutes.