Monday, October 25, 2010

Someone asked about my "running"

First of all, I do run really slow - jogging  and some call it wogging (combination of walking and jogging) but I think I am running as fast as I can.  About 16 minute miles. Once I lose 100 pounds I will be screaming fast. Let any of those skinny minis that run carry 100 pound weights and see how fast they go. So there! LOL.

I make circles around my neighborhood which is approx. 0.6 miles and then there is a new section I walk to and back sometimes which is 1.5 miles. So I mostly stay close to home. My dog goes with me for the first 1.2 to 2.0 miles and then he poops out. He is only 3 years old, but he is a boxer and they have breathing issues.  Then I go around and around. Going around for over 1.5 hours I see people come and go and they are amazed to see me still running around the neighborhood. I see dogs that I say hi to when I go around. Some bark at me and some say hi. Some chase me and some ignore me.

Here is Brady - still a puppy here. He is about 95 pounds now.

If I think about it I really don't mind going around and around. It is kind of soothing and isn't boring. I listen to music also and I meditate/pray as I run. I do alot of good thinking on my runs. Sometimes I just listen to myself breathe. Pant is more like it. One time a mail lady told me she didn't know how I did that fast walking that it was harder than running. I smiled and shrugged while inside I was like Lady this is running!

I love running! And six more days is my 10K!

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