Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am having a hard time telling people I am blogging. Does anyone understand?  My husband asked me for my blog address and I was embarrassed to give it to him but I gave it to him and one of my friends have it. I know I am blogging for myself. I feel it is healthy to get my feelings and thoughts out there. I am wanting all around health - healthy body, mind, spirit. So this is helping my spirit by sharing my thoughts and feelings, helping my mind by learning new things, and helping my body by being accountable on here.

Yesterday I did go back to jazzercise after a couple of months missing class. I went regularly for about 3-4 months but then stopped due to work and class schedule colliding. But I made myself leave work early 4:30 so I could make the class at 5:15.  Last night I had to catch up on my work because I left early but it was worth it. Jazzericse really helped me lose weight and inches but running is still my passion. I am supposed to be running this morning so I need to wrap this up so I can head out there. I found myself working around my workout schedule instead of working out around my work schedule. I work for a while in the early mornings and in the evenings so I can run in the mornings when it is starts getting light. I hate running in the dark but will have to start pretty soon.

I have been having problems eating healthy so I need to look up some new recipes and start cooking better for my husband and me. He really doesn't need to lose any weight but he wants to lose a few pounds.

Have a healthy happy day!

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