Friday, November 5, 2010

Letdown after 10K??

Do I feel let down after the wonderful time I had last weekend? Besides running my first 10K on Sunday, I was able to spend time with some of my best friends this weekend talking, playing, games, running, eating, ...  It was an awesome weekend.

But surprisingly no - I don't feel a letdown! I feel like I am flying high. I feel energized and it is Friday.  Of course I was exhausted on Monday and even Wednesday. Busy days at work this week and Tuesday we had dinner with our small group from church and Thursday I had a Christmas Tea planning meeting. Wednesday I grocery shopped after work and then ran 3 miles.  But even with all this busyness, I am feeling good inside.

I think when you reach a goal, like my 10K or whatever it is, you should celebrate and feel good about yourself. I do have a habit of looking forward to another goal immediately. But I think that is fine as long as you appreciate your achievements. They can be small goals or huge goals but for people like me who are goal oriented I need something to look forward to. Whether it is at work, home, or exercise wise.

I recently turned 50 and I am so excited about the rest of my life. I am married to a wonderful man, love my job (most of the time), found a church family that I love, serve on a women's leadership at church, and have made such good friends the last few years.  My life does have some downs as the people closest to me know about but I don't think I can share yet.  It is regarding my four sons. They are from 18 to 23. Enough said.

My next running goal is the Triple Crown of running. I had it wrong the other day - the third leg is not a half marathon but a 10 miler.  So 5K in February, 10K in middle of March, and a 10 miler at the end of March.  Then at the end of April is the mini marathon/marathon. I would like to at least do the Triple Crown so that means another 5K, 10K, and da dum a 10 miler. The most I have ever ran is 6.2 miles so need to stay active this winter - that is why I set the goal so I would have to stay running through the cold dark days of winter.

I also have a goal to get under 200 pounds this year. I think I just need to follow the plan and concentrate on being healthy instead of seeing how much I could eat and still lose a little weight. LOL Sorry just being honest here.

I can't really talk about my other goals, but I do have goals at my job, with my ministry at the church, and personal goals.  I love goals! It makes me feel like a vibrant growing person and not just going through the motions. But another goal, as I mentioned a few days ago, is to slow down and savor each moment, relax and enjoy my life.  So here's to life!! It is what you make it!! Really it is.


  1. Wow I write alot don't I? I don't think of it until I view it.

  2. Bravo, Donna! I could not have said it better myself... you nailed it! (((HUGS)))

  3. It's great that you are enjoying each moment. Good luck with your triple crown. You are an amazing woman.