Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't let diets get you down!

I was talking about Thanksgiving with some of my online friends and I made the comment to enjoy the people and not to get all caught up in the food.  Either eating too much and making it all about food or worryng about every bite you take and talking about how you can't eat this or that or how many calories does that have and still making it all about food.

Let's enjoy our loved ones! Isn't that why we are trying to lose weight. To spend more quality of time with our loved ones. To be able to have more fun with them. To be able to live longer healthier lives without burdening them with our care.

I have lost both of my parents and it is true that after they are gone you always wish you would have spent more time with them. At the time all you think about is that you are busy and life is still going on and you have to keep up. But would one weekend be too much, one day, one hour with them?

I want to eat healthier and be healthier.  I don't want to be obsessed with my weight or what food I eat or how much exercise I do.  So enjoy the holidays - watch what you eat - enjoy the good food - take small portions of the food that isn't as good for you or pass it up. Make the time more about talking and laughing with your loved ones.

Just a another quick observation. Yesterday I had to take some clients to lunch with a colleague. I ordered a hamburger and fries. Why?  I don't know - I knew that they had good hamburgers and I was nervous so I ordered something I was familiar with instead of salad where I could have made a mess eating in front of clients (trying to put a big piece of lettuce in my mouth).  It wasn't all that good but I ate it all. I am not sure why.  Then for dinner, my husband and I made baked tilipia, jasmine rice, green beans and I had those little single servings of cauliflower with cheese sauce that are 1 weight watchers pt. It was sooooo good. It was so much better than my lunch.  I need to remember these things so I start picking the right things. My husband has already learned this. We went out to dinner recently and he picked some chicken dish and it came with rice and some sauce on top of the chicken and a vegetable - it looked delicious. I of course was trying to be cheap and so I got the country fried steak (hold the gravy) instead of the salmon which was like $8 more. Am I not worth eating the cost of the healthier food? My husband would have been fine with whatever I ordered.

Hmmm sometimes I just have to write it out here so I can mull over it in my mind. Maybe one day I will learn.  Have a great day!  Smile!


  1. I guess that observation wasn't too short. LOL

  2. Great observations!


  3. Oh Donna, I based my restaurant choices for years on price. It was a huge thing for me to start ordering the higher priced and healthier options! I still "cringe" often times. I guess that's one of the reasons why I love Mexican food. You can order alacarte (no rice and beans) and actually be CHEAP! ;) You're absolutely right! You are worth it!