Saturday, November 20, 2010

I ran 5 miles today!

I had a good day so far.  I went to Weight Watchers for my regular Saturday morning. I hadn't weighed in two weeks since last week I was up about 2 pounds and in a lousy mood. Ask my husband.  :)  So today I went and I had lost 0.8 from two weeks ago!! So from last weekend I had lost 3 pounds really. Get that reasoning. This week had been awful eating-wise too. I had a couple dinners out for work, drinks one night, a couple lunches out and no exercise. I thought the scale would not be nice to me. Friday I tried to eat healthy and I ran 2.2 miles - all I could do. I had pretty good times for me, but I was beat after 2 miles. So the scale was my friend.

I also went out for my long run today and ran 5 miles! My time was good again for me. I finally am seeing some progress on my time. Others might think that I am really really really slow. I don't think that way or I would have quit by now. I compare myself to myself and I see improvement and I am having fun (yes it is fun to run) and my health is better so no way am I quitting.

I am really psyching myself up for Thanksgiving. I am going to my family's for the long weekend and I have a couple eating out and there is going to be food around, but I am going to try to think about the people and not the food. Cross your fingers for me, say a little prayer for me, send me good vibes, whatever you can do. I need all the help I can get. Hopefully I can get a run or two in also.

Have a great day! and smile!

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