Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How others see me?

This topic has come up in the last year or so.  I am surprised at how others see me. I have been told that I am an overachiever and dominating and opinionated and outgoing and successful.  What?? This is not how I see myself at all.  I have been told I am very encouraging and nice too.

It all started with a sory that happened about four years ago,
I was managing a team of analysts and one of them accidentally sent me an email meant for someone else and called me "the evil one". I was so surprised, shocked, appalled... I couldn't believe someone thought of me that way. I thought I was a pushover and too nice and meek and quiet. I didn't think too much more about it - that person left and by the way we are friends now and laugh about that incident.

I have been at my current job ten years this month. I was quiet, quiet, shy, reserved, and not very confident when I started. I have changed and my self image has not.  My husband even told me that at work I "dominate" but in a good way. A good way???? What? I am surprised at how others see me as that shy, quiet, unassuming, reserved, not very confident person and I have found out that is not what others think of me at all. WOW!

Now I am afraid that I am being seen as someone I don't want to be seen as. I am trying to come to terms with my new personality. I am glad I am more confident and happy with myself (even though I haven't lost 100 pounds yet) but I want to be seen as a friendly, happy, confident, open, helpful, encouraging, NICE person. After all, I am still a people pleaser at heart.  And I love making people happy!

I want to also thank my job (which I know is not possible) so making me more confident, my husband for making me happy and content in myself, and my many friends at that give me unconditional love. I finally feel that I am loved unconditionally by my husband, my family, and my friends. That is FREEING! and has made me try new things.

Thank you to all my friends and I hope I make you all feel that you are loved unconditionally too!


  1. Well I did my first run after the 10K. I ran 3 miles. It was good, bad, and ugly all in one. The first half mile was bad and then the next mile or so was ugly. A dog chased my dog and my dog tried to follow him - my dog is 93 pounds so he pulls me when he wants to. Then I dropped him off at home and did the last mile by myself and it was very good.