Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Well it has been awhile. I have been swamped at work and had alot of personal stresses so I took a break. I don't want blogging to be a chore but something to help me on my journey.

I have at the lowest weight I have been for awhile. My husband started on his journey even though he was pretty healthy anyhow. He lost over 30 pounds in just a few weeks. He has done so well - he started running along with his biking. He has cut out bad starches and sugars like ice cream and chips. We don't go out to eat as often and when we do we choose better. Another thing that helped is that I had my first colonoscopy and couldn't eat for a day but I did drink alot and had some beef broth and jello. It went well and now it is over but my appetite wasn't crazy after so that is good. I have been eating more fruit for snacks. The new Weight Watchers Plan - Points Plus - has been good for me also. I think I am on a roll. 

I ran 3 miles today and my time was pretty good for me. I thought I would be slower but I was just as fast. I really need to lose weight to get faster I think. I want to try and go back to Jazzercise - it really helped me lose inches. I need to do some strength training along with aerobic.

Also I received a great present from one of my best friends, she sent me a journal she made for me out of a book called "Busy Feet".  She wrote a lovely message to me on the first page and inserted blank pages for me to write in throughout the book. It was awesome but the thought was what really touched me. I am writing about my running in the book.

Enough for today, hope to be back tomorrow.

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