Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here again...

I haven't been very good at posting. Not sure if blogging is for me. But I have been doing pretty good with my exercise and eating.  I am down to 235.4 which is the lowest I have been in at least 5 years - maybe more. I am going to the YMCA almost every day for either a run on the treadmill, a swim, weight machines or a combination. I enjoy the swimming but I am there more for the running. I am training for the Triple Crown of Running in Louisville - it is preparation for the Kentucky Derby. I think I wrote about it before.  A 5K 2/26, a 10K on March 12 and a 10 miler on March 26. I have ran a 5K and a 10K before but never a 10 miler. I am a little nervous. I have been doing good at the Y - I ran 5.25 miles yesterday with a pace right around 15 mm (which is good for me). I feel good and the 5 miles didn't take much out of me - I could have ran farther and I felt pretty good this morning. 
I am trying to balance my life. I have a demanding new work assignment that I love but it is well demanding. Then I have my weight loss and exercise goals as well as a church ministry position I love too. Then time for husband and grown kids. I am doing it! It appears at least. I want to make sure I am balanced.

The last thing is I am wondering whether to sign up for half marathon on April 30th.  I can't make up my mind. The times I saw others clocked last year are doable for me I think. Not fast but at least I can do that.

Enough for today but keep on the journey to health!! It is a reward in itself!

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  1. Nice to see a post from you again. :) WTG on seeing a new low number on the scale! I'm probably at the lowest weight I've been in 4-5 years, too.