Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday February 13th

Hello. I haven't been as faithful to blogging as I thought I would be. I thought it would be easy to log every day what I do but it is harder than I thought. I am going to keep trying so I can stay accountable and also so perhaps I can motivate someone else that has alot of weight to lose.

This week I did go ahead and sign up for the half marathon. 13.1 miles what am I thinking? The longest I ever ran was 6.2 last Fall. This year I have ran 5 miles. I have a 5K, 10K and 10 miler to do before the half marathon so I will have training. I am not too nervous about 5K or 10K. The 10 miler scares me a little but to me even if I have to walk the last part it will be success - at least this year!!

I am still a regular at the YMCA - my day doesn't seem complete without a workout.  I love the weights and I can see improvement in how much I can lift - my arms were very weak. I do not want to be a big bodybuilder but I do want muscles and some strength - you know I am 50 and need to maintain muscle tone (or get muscle tone in my case) . I am using the treadmill to improve my speed and endurance running. It allows me to run in the cold or snow or in the dark. I couldn't make myself get out there in the cold dark mornings but I can make myself go the YMCA in the early cold dark mornings. So it goes to show - whatever works for you and you have to find out for yourself. There is no right way or wrong way. Some people eat oatmeal for breakfast for me and it works for them and some eat eggbeaters and it works for them. Find your own way!  okay back to the YMCA, the next thing I am doing is swimming lessons. Today is our fourth lesson. My husband is doing it with me but he is the one training for a sprint trialthon. He is an avid biker and he has turned into quite the runner - already breaking 10mm easily and he is also taking the swim lessons with me - his weakest event.  I am very comfortable in the water and love it but I used to swim laps with my head out of the water which if you do enough of them your back gets very sore. So I am learning to swim with my face in the water and turning it to breathe. I am making progress and am loving the swimming. 

My weight - I was at 234.8 yesterday at Weight Watchers.  I was 0.2 away from my 45 pound. :(  next week!  I am making progress - slowly but it is going to stay off and I am relearning how to eat. that is a whole other post I will do later because it really has started to click for me - relearning how to think about food. Starting to click - not there of course all the way.  This weight is VFT virgin fat territory for me. So it is exciting. My next small goal is 50 pounds gone and my next big goal is to be under 200 for the first time in 23 years (my first child). Wow!  But I can do it - I have confidence - not sure how fast it will be but I can do it!

Okay I promise another post on the lightbulb on relearning how to eat very soon.

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