Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday February 20th

So my goal is to post at least weekly on here.

This week a few miilestones. I did get my 45 pound star - down 46 pounds total!! 
I ran 6.2 miles at the YMCA yesterday. I didn't do so well on time since I ran out of steam. I hadn't eaten breakfast but some coffee (because I was getting weighted at WW) and had some nuts before I left to run.  So I was kind of wobbly after I finished. I learned a lesson about fueling. I did run it in 1 hr 42 minutes which sounds like a lot but my 10K back in October my time was 1 hr 43 so I did it one minute faster. LOL  Oh well.  Next week is Anthem 5K and I am feeling okay about that.  Three weeks from now is the 10K and I am a little nervous and then five week from now is 10 miler which I am terrified of.  But I am tired of being scared and am just doing it. 
I have wondered why I sign up for races. I know I am not going to win the race (by far).  Since I am running to get fit what is the motivation on running races. ???  The only thing I can say is that it keeps me motivated to keep training.  Which is a good reason.

I did say I would post on my appetite.  I am amazed that I can go hours without eating. I never thought I could and would eat alot because I thought I wouldn't have chance later or that I needed to finish every bite. I found out the first few bites are so much better than the last few. I don't have to have second helpings - I can stop at one. And I am not saying it is good to go a long time without eating (especially before running - see above) - I think it was a breakthrough for me to know I could. I wouldn't die if my stomach growled.  Now if I feel shaky of course I eat.  I won't die if I don't have the candy or cookies in the break room at work. I won't die if I don't have whatever I want at Mexican and opt for the lower calorie dishes or take off the shell.  Food is losing the control it once had on me. Not that I have conquered it completely but I am getting better.

Last night my son came over and we made snickerdoodles cookies now that my oven is fixed. It had been broken for a few months.  And I had one and a half cookies. I threw the ones we had left in the garbage!!! Amazing. I don't even crave them - chocolate and cookies aren't as appealing as they once were. I am still working on pizza - that sounds great still.  LOL

Well goodbye for another week and hopefully a few more pounds down and a few more miles. I am hoping to have a good time on my 5K next Saturday and to do a long run on Sunday 7 miles (my longest ever).


  1. are truly an inspiration. I give you so much credit for "just doin' it!! I am rooting you on all the way from China!! :) KOKO girl!! :)

  2. WooHoo on the BIG 4-5! You Rock! You will do a fantastic job with your upcoming races, so don't sweat it. Hugs.