Saturday, March 26, 2011

I RAN 10 miles today!! Final and 3rd leg of the Triple Crown of Running

I did it! I ran/walked 10 miles .really 10.2 plus another mile from where you picked up your number to the start line. Lots of hills through a park but it was beautiful. No rain but a little cold but weather was acceptable. I did it in 2 hr 37 min so under 16mm - 15:47 my Garmin said. I was happy to come in under 16mm after all the walking I did. I ran the first 4 miles and then walked up the hills and ran down the hills and then once I got out of the park I walked most of the way back to the stadium. I did have a slice of free pizza since Papa John's sponsored the run.  We finished in the Papa John's Cardinal stadium where University of Lousiville Football is played.

After thoughts - glad I did it but think I would have rather waited until I could run it all. Next year I want to do the Triple Crown again and beat my old times. Hopefully I will be down in weight and have more training so I can even do the half marathon next year. I am not going to do it this year.

Eventually I want to do a triathlon (the small ones) so I need to start swimming and biking more regularly.  I am also going to use weight machines so I can get stronger which will help me do all of this better and help me fit in smaller clothes. :) 

My weight hasn't changed much the last few weeks and I have a work trip next week so I hope to get back being a loser soon.

See you next week for a work trip update and to see if I can manage without a seatbelt extender - I am almost certain I can.  Then how I did with eating and working out when I am gone. Not counting on working out but hope I can control my eating when I am there and there is food just laying around all day long - free for the taking - not in WW pointplus or calories though.


  1. WTG Donna! Even with some walking, 10 miles is an AMAZING accomplishment, and your time shows you didn't walk much. Good luck on your work trip!

  2. Great job Donna!

  3. You Rock! Next year you will accomplish the goals you have set, I'm sure of it! Susie