Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, July 3rd

Swam 1/2 mile 18 laps today (almost 60 minutes I was in pool - not always swimming though) - I did freestyle one way and backstroke the other - I think I made progress. :)
Too hot to run outside but might take dog later for a short walk and/or do some weight work - I keep saying this but hard for me to actually do it (lunges, squats, planks, etc.)

So far so good - I had my oatmeal breakfast with coffee and a lite hotdog (80) and a lite hotdog bun (80) with ketchup and onion. Lunch was after swim so I added a cup of lite chocolate soy milk and a banana.

Plans for the rest of the day
hmm - resting, relaxing, reading, it is my 3 R Sunday afternoon
Might take groceries to my son that I picked up for him the other day when I did my shopping.  Besides that I am all into taking a nap, doing some reading, sitting outside (kind of hot though).

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